The Light of Other Days

Installation Shot, Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Houston, Texas, 2019.

This is a sample of the works in this series. If you would like to see more of the series for exhibition/collection purposes, please reach out through the contact link.

The Light of Other Days is a series of Charcoal Drawings that intersects my interests in news and journalism with my explorations into the process of grief and mourning in private and public contexts. Referencing print media, specifically images found in newspapers, this series of charcoal drawings are drawn as half-tone patterns that are influenced by various tragic events that have occurred around the world that speak to our times.  Murder, violence, migration, terrorism, and environmental tragedies are a few examples of the events that sparked the creation of these drawings.  The drawings are sourced from press photographs that document the pain, suffering, and grieving of family members of these various events that have occurred globally.  From these original press photos, I have distilled, fragmented, and restructured distinct moments that express painful loss in global terms and directly speaks to the state of the world. 

School Shooting, Charcoal on Stonehenge Paper, 22 x 30, 2019

Police Shooting, Charcoal on Stonehenge Paper, 13 x 11, 2019

Industrial Disaster, Charcoal on Stonehenge Paper, 22 x 30, 2019

Honor Killing, Charcoal on Stonehenge Paper, 10 x 14, 2019

Camelot Falls, Charcoal on Stonehenge Paper, 22 x 30, 2019