Prince Varughese Thomas is an Indian American interdisciplinary artist whose work reflects the intersections of culture, identity, and social commentary. Drawing from his own multicultural background and deep appreciation for the complexities of human experience, he adeptly scrutinizes and interrogates established structures, beliefs, and values within culture to develop a profound understanding of society and its multifaceted dynamics. Thomas’ artwork skillfully captures poignant moments within chaotic worlds.

Thomas’s artistic practice delves into the interstices, exploring the nuanced and often overlooked aspects of culture. Through his work in Drawing, Photography, Video, and Installation, he reveals the interconnectedness of seemingly disparate subjects, shedding light on the broader social landscape. Informed by an educational background in Art and Psychology, his artwork embodies a profound humanization of his subjects, evoking empathy and inviting viewers to engage with issues of race, class, politics, and identity that shape the complex fabric of contemporary society. Embracing the belief that art should reflect the times one lives, Thomas continuously seeks new avenues of exploration, investigating the ever-evolving cultural landscape that shapes our values and beliefs. As an artist, he strives to spark dialogue, challenge societal norms, and inspire introspection.

Recognized for his artistic impact, Thomas has received numerous accolades and grants including support from the City of Houston, the Andy Warhol Foundation, and the Joan Mitchell Foundation. His work has been exhibited in over 250 solo and group exhibitions at museums and galleries worldwide including the Atlanta Contemporary, the Queens Museum, the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, the Amarillo Museum of Art, the Brownsville Museum of Art, the Museum of New Art, the Hammond Museum, and the Station Museum of Contemporary Art.

Thomas received his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Texas at Arlington and M.F.A. from the University of Houston. He is a Professor of Art at Lamar University.

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Prince Varughese Thomas