Famous to Infamous in 15 minutes

Installation Shot, Famous to Infamous in 15 Minutes, Pigment Print on Aluminum, 2019.


Project Statement

Famous to Infamous in 15 Minutes is a series of self-portraits created to resemble Andy Warhol.  The work operates on multiple levels and attempts to implicate myself as part of a celebrity-seeking culture.  Considering that artmaking on some level is a self-indulgent activity, I want to acknowledge my narcissistic tendencies as an Artist.  Using Andy Warhol as the symbol for ‘Artist as Celebrity’ or ‘Reality Star’ and referencing his quote that “everyone is famous for 15 minutes”, I photographed myself as Warhol and integrated my image into three existing Warhol portraits. 


Upon closer inspection, the viewer notices that the portrait is actually made of thousands of tiny images of Donald Trump. Playing off Warhol’s quote, the title speaks to how quickly fame is gained and can transform to infamy through the social media world.  Although Donald Trump may be the most visible representation of this phenomena, there are countless examples of individuals posting questionable statements online and in a matter of hours having their posts receive world-wide attention that directly and postively or negatively affects their’s and others’ lives. 


The digital medium has amplified these issues but they have been with us all along.  For example, I think Warhol was a pivotal moment when the notion of Artist shifted to ‘celebrity’ within the popular cultural mind. The uncomforatable thing that is related to this piece is the mass shooter in El Paso who placed his manifesto on 8Chan.  8Chan’s home page opens with the quote, “Embrace Infamy” which brings the notions within this work full circle for me with the use of the tiny Trump’s.



Installation Shot, Famous to Infamous in 15 Minutes, Pigment Print on Aluminum, 2019.