May 2017

Good News!  Geri Hooks & I have agreed to work together!  I am looking forward to working with the incredible team at Hooks-Epstein Gallery.

Hooks-Epstein Gallery, 2631 Colquitt, Houston, TX 77098, USA

“Founded in 1969, Hooks-Epstein Gallery, Inc., is one of Houston’s longest running art galleries. Representing established, mid-career and emerging artists, the gallery pioneered the museum area. Over its 45 years of existence, the gallery has mounted many exhibitions, which received national and international acclaim. The gallery has published catalogues which continue to be used as a source of information and has produced exhibitions which have traveled from the gallery to museums and other venues.”


April 2017

My show, The Space Between Grief and Morning consisting of Drawing, Photography, and Video, opened at Art League Houston.  I loved working with the wonderful people there.


(All Photos by Alex Barber, Video Interview by Ronald L. Jones, Courtesy of Art League Houston.)


November 2016

Britt & I ended up in Chicago for the past week…  and talk about perfect timing…


November 2nd, 2016 – we joined the rest of Chicago at Wrigley Field and watched (on our mobile phones) as the Cubbies won Game 7 of the World Series…


Wow! What a game!


Chicagoans, I don’t know if it was because of the win but you have some of the most friendliest people on earth!

We fell in love with you!


October 2016

Artist Gary Hill, Artist Britt Thomas, & Me – Engaged in some serious hand jive.

 Gary Hill, Britt Thomas, & Me 1

Gary Hill, Britt Thomas, & Me 2

Gary Hill was honored in Houston this week by Aurora Picture Show.  I was asked by Aurora to create a piece for Gary as a special Thank You from Aurora & Houston.  Love his work and and had a wonderful time visiting with him.

(Photos courtesy of Peter Lucas.)


June 2016

My work is in a group exhibition in London.


April 2016

University of Texas at Arlington

I had a whirlwind 24 hour Visiting Artist trip to my Alma Mater a week ago.  It had been almost 30 years since I walked the campus of the University of Texas at Arlington as a Freshman in 1987.  It was a wonderful visit seeing my former Professor Kenda North, giving a lecture,  and having studio critiques with students doing interesting work.


March 2016

City of Houston Public Art Commission, “Family Portraits”

CombinedBillboardSmall2So…  if you are ever in Houston and go see a Major League Baseball game by the Houston Astros…  Exit the stadium from the North Exit and walk north up Jackson Street less than 2 Blocks from Minute Maid Stadium and you can see my piece commissioned by the City of Houston called Family Portraits.  The biggest thrill for me was that my mother and I shared the experience of seeing it for the first time together.  It made us both smile.  🙂

City of Houston Commission, Family Portraits


January 2016

My work is in a group exhibition in New York right now called, What’s Right, What’s Left: Democracy in America.


November 2015

I was invited by Curator Peter Lucas & the Aurora Picture Show to create a piece using found footage from the Texas Archives of the Moving Image for their Mess with Texas Programming…  I created a humorous short film about the Texas Art Scene which will be screened at the Aurora.  Details to the program below:

Houston Press Release



October 2015

Good News!


Art Prize 7, Time-Based Juried Award


September 2015

I will be included in an exhibition called Sightlines at Kendall College of Art & Design in conjunction with Art Prize 7  in Michigan (“For 19 days, three square miles of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, become an open playing field where anyone can find a voice in the conversation about what is art and why it matters.” -taken from Art Prize Website)…

Press Release from curator Michele Bosak:

“Sightlines,” KCAD’s ArtPrize 2015 exhibition, converges eight contemporary artists from around the world in a bold and timely examination of the often murky distinction between perception and reality. Each of these artists grapples in their own way with the fact that definitive understanding is largely elusive. Our sense of our own experiences and of the broader human experience is always changing, shifting, growing, and evolving as we embark down new paths, encounter new ideas, and undergo rapid technological advancement. Beneath the surface of what we choose to call “fact” and “truth,” there exists an underlying current of prejudice, assumption, motive, and misunderstanding that shapes both the way we come to see ourselves and our world and the way in which we communicate our perceptions to others.

everyone vote for me #61485, I can use a $100k!!!  Smile.



I was selected as a Finalist by the Jury for ArtPrize.

here is a promo piece they did of my work:


July 2015

I just found out my work will be in an exhibition at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Colorado.


May 2015

I just received word that I have been selected for a commission by the City of Houston & Houston Arts Alliance to create art for their Downtown Wayfinding Project.


 February 2015

So we ended up taking a trip to the New York Area to spend some time with Terry Crews!?!  We sang together, We danced together, and luckily We didn’t cry together!  It was an incredibly fun and new experience.

Prince on Millionaire1Prince on Millionaire2Prince/Britt on Millionaire3


December 2014

An article I wrote about the Art Market was recently published on Glasstire Texas: Journal of Visual Art.  The Next Pop in Art is a loose, fun piece about various problems about the business of art that I have heard over the years.  The article may be viewed at:


October 2014

My father passed away on April 10th and for the longest time I just wasn’t motivated to make anything…  This is my first foray into doing something for my creative life again… so…  Three weeks ago I decided to completely redesign my website.  What was I thinking – madness I tell you!  Now, I am almost finished with creating all the pages…  and am happy with the results… thank god that this nightmare is almost over!