Liquid Sky Series

Liquid Sky Installation, Giclée Print, Variable, 2009


This is a sample of the works in this series. If you would like to see more of the series for exhibition/collection purposes, please reach out through the contact link.

Project Statement

Liquid Sky is a photographic series of reflections in water. It attempts to convey the idea of impermanence, metaphorically, through Landscape Photography. In 2005, I became the primary caregiver to both my elderly parents. Through this transition in our lives, I have become aware of the positive and negative changes that come with the process of aging. I am using this experience to create a body of work that speaks to the Doctrine of Impermanence. Life embodies change through the process of aging, the cycle of birth and rebirth, and in every loss that we experience. Due to the impermanent nature of all things, having attachments to them is futile and only leads to pain and suffering. Reflections in water, like the landscape, are constantly in flux and never remain the same for very long. I feel that the intangible nature of the landscape and its reflection is my honest and direct response to conveying this idea of impermanence.

The series represents a combination of Digital and Alternative Processes Photography. In this series I am working from a traditional straight photographic shooting method. The formal content of the images in this series are exactly the same as when I shot them through the camera lens. The final images consist of combining the straight photographs with emulsion transfers of the same scene.


Wishing Well, 14.5 x 11, Giclée Print, 2009

Memory, 14.5 x 11, Giclée Print, 2009

Coming Storm, 11 x 14.5, Giclée Print, 2009

Forgotten, 14.5 x 11, Giclée Print, 2009

Dreamscape, 14.5 x 11, Giclée Print, 2009

Resonance, 14.5 x 11, Giclée Print, 2009