Remember Television Series

Barney Fife, 16 x 20, 1994, Type-R Print


Project Statement

Remember Television is a series of digital works that are color photographs printed from chrome film.  This series explores power structures based in race, gender, and religion viewed through the looking glass of classic American television shows.  Unfortunately, only five images remain from this series of twenty works.  I had a hard drive crash at a time when I could not afford to buy a back-up drive.

In 1994, I remember Andres Serrano walked into my studio and looked at this series and said that for the first time he saw a purpose for digital photography.  Remember, back then, there was a real backlash against digital work within the art and photography communities.  Being a young artist, his comments were very significant for me at a time when the majority of culture was questioning the validity of digital work.

Amos & Andy, 20 x 16, 1994, Type-R Print

Phil Silvers, from Remember Television Series

Phil Silvers, 16 x 20, 1994, Type-R Print

Star Trek, from Remember Television Series

Star Trek, 20 x 16, 1994, Type-R Print

Fred Sanford, from Remember Television Series

Fred Sanford, 16 x 20, 1994, Type-R Print