Interstitial Spaces Series

Interstitial Spaces Installation, 1996-2000

Interstitial Spaces Installation, Variable, Chromogenic Prints, 1996 – 1999

This is a sample of the works in this series. If you would like to see more of the series for exhibition/collection purposes, please reach out through the contact link.

Project Statement

Interstitial Spaces is a series of still images and video that attempts to abstractly convey the cultural negotiations of individuals from hybrid backgrounds.  I am an East Indian American, born in Kuwait, and raised primarily between India and the United States.  My organic cultural position allows me to question the constructs of both cultures.  I am interested in those places where divisions exist in culture and my constructed identity and choose to investigate issues of nationalism, race, and privilege from the spaces that exist in the “in-between”, the interstices.

I have chosen television white noise as a metaphor for the location of my cultural engagement.  It is a space that is literally between the airwaves where information and misinformation is transferred and transposed globally to groups in a cultural exchange that is only limited by the ownership to the means for access.  It is a medium that crosses borders with immediacy and its impact on others is felt directly.  In so doing, I believe that it is a cultural negotiator/instigator and an appropriate referent in my work to explore complex issues of Race, Class, and Culture.

This series represents a combination of Chemical and Digital Photography.


Family Portraits, 34 x 24, Chromogenic Print, 1996

Asian, 34 x 24, Chromogenic Print, 1998

Shakti, 25 x 34, Chromogenic Print, 1999

Assimilations, 34 x 24, Chromogenic Print, 1996

Border Crossing, 25 x 34, Chromogenic Print, 1996

Immersion, 34 x 24, Chromogenic Print, 1999

Flag II, 34 x 24, Chromogenic Print, 1998

Nursing Noise, 34 x 24, Chromogenic Print, 1998