Mourning is Morning Video

Installation Shot, Photo by Alex Barber Courtesy of Art League Houston.


Project Statement:

Mourning is Morning is a compelling two-channel 1080p video installation featuring immersive Stereo and Binaural Audio. Against the backdrop of a world grappling with crises encompassing race, class, economics, ecology, war, politics, and pandemics, this work delves into the profound potential of grief and mourning to restore our souls and inspire hope for a brighter future. It serves as a reminder of the urgent need for personal healing and forgiveness as we strive to forge collective goals that transcend borders and bring us closer together.

In this exploration, Mourning is Morning engages in a collaborative dialogue between actors and musicians, presenting two distinct groups on the screen. One group portrays mourners, performing and embodying the weight of grief. Meanwhile, Composer Nick Rissman contributes an original choral composition, musically reinterpreting the experience of grieving, which is performed by a vocal ensemble. Through the interplay of these two groups, the installation metaphorically reflects our contemporary times and invites viewers to contemplate the various interpretations of being mourners and the act of healing.

Within a world marked by division and uncertainty, Mourning is Morning seeks to bridge gaps and foster collective healing. By acknowledging and embracing the shared experience of shedding tears, it prompts introspection and empathy. The piece encourages us to confront our personal grief while recognizing the universal nature of human suffering, promoting a sense of solidarity and resilience. In our contemporary times, healing becomes paramount, and Mourning is Morning offers a multisensory narrative that transcends language and cultural barriers. It speaks to the human yearning for reconciliation and invites audiences to reflect on the transformative power of mourning. Ultimately, the work serves as a beacon of hope, illuminating paths towards understanding, unity, and a future shaped by compassion and shared aspirations.

2 Channel 1080p Video with Stereo & Binaural Audio, 2017; Approximate Running Time: 5 minutes, 05 seconds